Captain Blood's Revenge (2012)
Opera in 1 Act (60’) with a libretto by Martin Riley.
Cast: Salty Sue: mezzo soprano, Raggy Sam: tenor, Billy Bone: baritone, Captain Blood: bass/ Ens: acc; pno; vln; db
For the first time - a bold and boisterous pirate opera adventure for children and families, which we can all join in! A wild, riotous, spooky, comical tale will unfurl. The truth about Ghost Island and The Zombie Crew will be told, Salty Sue’s secret ambition to be a singer will be a secret no more, the Sausage Sarnie Song will be sung, by everyone, and Captain Blood may, or may not, have his revenge!
The Face in the Mirror (2011)
Opera in 1 Act (50’) with a libretto by Martin Riley.
Cast: Children's Chorus (S/A) / Ens: cl (bcl); pc; cel; hp; vn; va; vc; db.
Commissioned by Welsh National Opera for the WNO Singing Club - a chorus of forty 10-14 year olds - for a premiere at the Blakehay Theatre, Weston-Super-Mare on 16th June 2012 and on tour in Wales and England in June/July.
Brother and sister, Cody and Mikela, live in Crowther Street. Not much to do round here, they hang out with their mates on the corner by the Co-op or muck about in the back yard of number 28 - the empty house where the old lady used to live. Derelict since the fire that burned it down, number 28 holds a ghostly and magical secret. The kids from the street are dying to tell us the tragic and terrible tale they've uncovered from the second world war - if only we would listen!
House of the Gods (2005)
Opera in 2 Acts (60’ + 45’) with a libretto by Martin Riley
Cast: Lily: soprano, Ma: mezzo-soprano, Crom: tenor, Jack: baritone, Da: bass

Ens: fl (pc); cl (bcl); bsn; tr; tba; pc; hp; vn; va; vc; db.
"a blackly comic fantasy, with a score that mixes folk songs, patriotic anthems and music-hall knees-up but with a musical integrity of its own..." The Telegraph
Nominated for the British Composer Awards in 2007
Drawing inspiration from ancient Celtic tales, House of the Gods, set in a back street pub in First World War London, is a gothic opera in which comedy and horror walk hand in hand. Sometimes dark and satirical, sometimes magical, beautiful and bittersweet, echoes of Victorian music hall and cabaret mingle with the seductive sounds of patriotic propaganda as Jack O'Connor, a cynical and disillusioned soldier back from the Front, finds himself living through what seems like a macabre and surreal opium dream. House of the Gods explores sacrifice, sex, death, science, innocence and empire as Jack tries to avoid - being a hero!
Gwyneth and the Green Knight (2000)
Opera for family audiences in 2 Acts (55’ + 45’) with a libretto by Martin Riley
Cast: Gwyneth: soprano, Morgan le Fay/ Lady Bertelak: mezzo-soprano, Gawain: tenor,
Arthur/ Ma Ogre: baritone, Father/ Lancelot/ Pa Ogre: bass baritone,
The Green Knight/ Lord Bertelak: bass, Mordred/ Anselm/ Baby Ogre: boy treble

Ens: fl(pc); ob(ca); hn; tr; trb; 2pc; hp; 2vn; va; vc; db.
"magic to rival Merlin" The Guardian

"it is genuinely funny, at times laugh-out-loud funny, and it has real musical substance to engage and reward adults" The Times
British Composer Award winner in 2003
Gwyneth dreams of becoming a Knight of The Round Table but, as her father is always telling her, she's a peasant, she's a GIRL and he has other plans for her future. As soon as she hears what these plans are, Gwyneth does a runner to Camelot - where she gets mistaken for a boy and is appointed squire to the newest and most perfect Knight on the block, Sir Gawain. Camelot, however, as Gwyneth soon discovers, is not quite as the bards tell it! After a vitriolic family feud, Gawain is forced into a Beheading Match with the awesome Green Knight. Round One of the contest is both bloodthirsty and shocking, the shock being that there is a "Round Two" - which sends Gwyneth and Gawain through serpent lashed lakes, mountains crawling with ogres and haunted marshes to a dark wood on the edge of a different world...

By the time they meet the Green Knight again, Gawain has broken every knightly rule in the book and Gwyneth is as far from her achieving her ambition - as she will ever be!