Berkeley Ensemble

St John's Smith Square, London, London SW1P 3HA 🇬🇧

New Wine in Old Bottles (and a New Bottle)

Berkeley Ensemble

Mozart- Kegelstatt Trio K.498
Lynne Plowman - Carbon Sky (London Premiere)
Howard Ferguson - Octet, op.4

Founded in 2008 by Southbank Sinfonia alumni, the Berkeley Ensemble brings New Wine in Old Bottles (and a New Bottle) to St John's Smith Square.

They present works inspired by Schubert’s Octet for five strings and three winds, which has established a durable ensemble that has inspired many modern composers, including Howard Ferguson and Lynne Plowman. Finally they perform Mozart’s Kegelstatt Trio, which was perhaps the first piece for the mellifluous grouping of clarinet, viola and piano, which in turn has inspired many later pieces for the same.