Funded by the Arts Council of Wales Cultural Recovery Fund

Beacons is designed for outdoor performances. The music is organised into five ‘movements’. The performance begins with Movements I-IV playing, simultaneously, in different locations, within easy walking distance, but out of earshot from each other. The musicians repeat these movements several times as audience members travel between locations to hear each performance. At a specific cue, or pre-arranged time, the musicians and audience gather together at a central location, where Movement V is performed by the full ensemble.

Movement I: Long Distance Call
Horn and tuba, duration 3’40”

Movement II: Sky and Songbird
a) Sky - flute and soprano saxophone (or clarinet), duration 2’20” b) Songbird - solo flute, duration 1’

Movement III: Escape Route
Solo violin, duration 3’

Movement IV: Codebreakers
Violin, viola, cello, duration 3’40”

Movement V: Beacons
Full ensemble - 5’

fl, sop sax (or cl), hn, tba, vln, vln, vla, vlc