The Face in the Mirror

A one-act opera for youth chorus

Commissioned by Welsh National Opera

The Face in the Mirror is a magical ghost story with a World War 2 theme. Performed entirely by a chorus of children, it pulls a powerful emotional punch. Playground chants, air raid sirens and soaring melodies collide as the dramatic stories of two separate generations intertwine.

Watch the full 2023 Opéra-Théâtre Geneva production here:

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Cast: Children's Chorus (S/A)
Ensemble: cl (bcl); pc; cel; hp; vn; va; vc; db.

Original version in English, French translation by Guillaume Rihs also available.

Martin Riley

The Face in the Mirror - PREMIERE

The Blakehay Theatre, 20 Wadham St, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1JZ 🇬🇧

Produced by Welsh National Opera and performed by the WNO Singing Club