Captain Blood's Revenge


Six months ago, Billy Bone, once the most terrifying pirate on the Spanish Main, left Salty Sue and their baby daughter Pegatty to go fishing for sardines. He hasn’t been seen since. Salty Sue is the landlady of The Blasted Bilge Rat, a chop house perched on the harbour wall. It’s a wreck of a place, stuffed with flotsam and jetsam from the seven seas; a barrel in the corner from which snoring and belching noises can be heard; and an evil-looking sailor laid out on a table with a knife in his back. The regulars include Raggy Sam, a homeless old sailor; ‘The Scum Of The Seven Seas’, a penniless band of piratical musicians; their flamboyant conductor, Captain Swagger; and us, the audience. It’s all Sue can do to pay the rent and look after Pegatty, who is a real piratical handful. Her real ambition - to be a singer - looks unlikely to be fulfilled. Sue is furious that Billy has left her on her own to run The Blasted Bilge Rat, and is convinced that he has returned to his old pirating ways. Little does she realise that Billy has become embroiled in a wild and spooky adventure. What is the truth about Ghost Island, the Zombie Crew and Captain Blood? Will Sue make it as singer? And will Captain Blood get his revenge?