Anne Denholm (harp) and Héloïse Werner (soprano)

St David's Hall, 9-11 The Hayes, CARDIFF CF10 1AH 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿éloïse-werner/


Set 1
Claude Debussy Beau Soir (2’30)
Nicola Lefanu The Bourne (4)
Darren Bloom Second Fig (5)
Kaija Saariaho Il Pleut (5)

Set 2
Niamh O’Donnell new work (Tŷ Cerdd commission; premiere) (5)
Mared Emlyn Perlau yn y Glaw: selected movements (5)
Eleanor Alberga Deep Blue Sea (8)

Set 3
Lynne Plowman The Mermaids' Lagoon (7.5) (solo harp)
Héloïse Werner Unspecified Intentions (3) (solo voice)
Héloïse Werner Confessional (4) (solo voice)
Kerry Andrew Blackberry (2)