Solo / Duo

Dances with Bells and Birds (2023) Solo piano
Beacon (2021) solo horn
Dreaming Not Sleeping (2021) solo tuba
Escape Route (2021) solo violin
Glass Ceiling (2021) solo flute or solo saxophone
Lyra (2021) solo harp
Open Air (2021) solo trumpet
Bird Music (2020) Recorder and Piano
Songbird (2020) solo flute
Emergency Exit (2019) street organ
Another set of footprints in the snow (2018) solo piano
A Field Guide to Pebbles (2017) Percussion Duo
Rain (2014) Percussion Duo
Lullaby for Ianto (2007) Solo piano
Night Dances (2002) Flute and piano
floating turning spinning (2001) Original version for oboe d'amore and harp. Versions also available for oboe and harp or soprano saxophone and harp
Grrr... (1998) Solo organ
Nocturne (1998) Cello and piano or flute and piano
The Legend of Boscale Tarn (1998) Two cellos
Interlude (1995) Solo cello
The Mermaids' Lagoon (1995) Harp solo or piano duet
Seguiriya I (1994) Solo piano
sky high blue (1993) Oboe and harp/ piano